Dear friends,

Shandong Bio Sunkeen Co.,Ltd is invested and established by resource-based enterprises Shandong Honghe Holding Group and Shandong Liyan Power Generation Co., Ltd. and a national high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales, with total investments of RMB1.05 billion, the company will generate annual sales revenue of RMB2.3 billion .

As a key project in Shandong Province in 2013, Bio Sunkeen Biology boasts unique advantages in resource, market location and technology and has annual production of 20,000 tones of purified edible sweet potato starch and augmented products, 20,000 tones instant dry yeast, 15,000 tones of yeast extract, 10,000 tones feeding products and 3,000 tones of compound seasoning as well as production lines of other yeast augmented products.

◆Sunkeen yeast and food ingredient: a wide range of sugar tolerant and low sugar instant dry  yeasts as well as baking and pastry raw materials;

◆Sunkeen yeast extract: natural food ingredients that render foodstuff palatable, fresh and flavoring that are widely used in the food seasoning industry;

◆Sunkeen yeast extract for fermentation: animal, plant and yeast biological culture medium products that are used in the biological fermentation industry;

◆Yeast feeding products: yeast biological feed products that are used for livestock breeding and aquaculture, special economic animal husbandry and pet food.


Your concerns are goals of Bio Sunkeen:

1. Cost and profit: Bio Sunkeen leverages potato-resource sugar making technology to obtain a new source of sugar and use it together with source of cane sugar to enjoy advantages in comprehensive cost in yeast production, which will offer you more options and higher profitability.

2. Product quality: Bio Sunkeen has professional technical team, complete quality assurance system and world-class production equipments that can guarantee steady product process and top-notch product quality.

3. Service system: Bio Sunkeen implements lean production, systematically control all important links of order, variety, quality and delivery date, satisfies individualized customer needs and guarantees timely delivery of fresh products. Thanks to our advanced information-based platform and unconditional product change and return policies, customers cooperate with Bio Sunkeen in a well-informed, self-help and assured way.

4. Product control and contract assurance: With advanced logistics management and control system, Bio Sunkeen gives each product a corresponding logistics code and effectively tracks, manages and controls the direction of goods flow. To safeguard long-term rights and interests of franchisers, Bio Sunkeen may sign franchise of one to three years with franchisers and will strictly abide by relevant region and variety agreements.

Bio Sunkeen will certainly become a pearl of yeast industry in East China. We are happy to welcome our new and old friends to visit Bio Sunkeen!



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