Yeast Powder
This product is a type of high-quality single-cell protein obtained by drying cells of the main ingredient – the remaining yeast produced in the process of brewing. It is rich in all kinds of amino acids, Vitamin B, nucleic acids, polypeptides, and abundant dietary fiber required by animals.
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Yeast hydrolysate
Sunkeen yeast hydrolysate (yeast-autolyzed powder) is a type of product obtained from autolysis or hydrolysis catalyzed by exogenous enzymes and concentration or drying of the raw material - brewing yeast. Soluble substances in the yeast are not extracted. Thus, the product is rich in high-quality proteins, small peptides, amino acids, yeast nucleic acids, vitamins, and yeast polysaccharides. Free of any excipient and carrier, this product is nutrient, natural, and safe for use. It can be used as nutrient enhancer as well as raw high-quality protein material.
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Yeast cell wall
Sunkeen Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall (yeast immunopolysacchride) is a type of concentrated or dried cell wall product obtained through autocytolysis, enzymolysis, and separation of the raw material - fresh yeast. Abundant in biological immune factors including β-glucan and mannan oligosaccharides, it is an efficient, nutrient, and safety new immuno-enhancer for animals.
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Bacillus subtilis
Sunkeen bacillus subtilis is a microbial ecological agent made from normal microorganisms or matters promoting microorganism growth. The strain is highly resistant to drying, high temperature, high pressure and prilling during production and rapidly multiplies in the animal intestine.
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Selenium yeast
Sunkeen selenium yeast leverages organic selenium source developed by yeast to improve animal reproductive performance as well as nutrition and quality of meat, egg and dairy products by increasing selenium utilization rate and selenium sedimentation in the body. It is safe, stable, easily absorbable and pollution-free.
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Active feed dry yeast
Sunkeen active feed dry yeast is refined from well-selected brewer’s yeast strain that tolerate low PH value in the animal intestinal canal as well as green syrup by liquid submerged aerobic fermentation, separation, drying and other processes. The carrier-free yeast features high-quality vacuum package and more than 20 billion viable counts/g during shelf life.
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