(1) Quality control

★ Hardware guarantee: GMP workshop, GMP and CIP whole-course cleaning systems, CIP system, central automatic control system, key equipments imported from Europe;

★Contamination control: fully-enclosed, whole-pipeline and full-automatic production, equipment free from external pollution during production and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) process standard;

★ Product consistency control: strict process control of material feeding, production and processing procedures, adhere to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and CCP (Critical Control Points) control points requirements, and strict control of staff, material, equipment, law and environmental protection;

★Sanitary control: no cross contamination of people and materials and five-step cleaning for equipments and pipelines. Strict sanitary control procedures during production, and sterile operation of separation and packing of finished products meeting food safety requirements.

(2) Certifications

★ ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

★ HACCP Food Safety Management System Certification

★ ISO14000 Environment Management System Certification

★ KOSHER Certification

★ HALAL Certification

★ GMP+ Certification 


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