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Mission of Bio Sunkeen: sharing product value

Meticulous material selection to safeguard food safety for customers;

Innovative production to offer customers more delicious and healthy foods;

Environmental protection to create better life for human.



Vision of Bio Sunkeen: to occupy a leading position in comprehensive sweet potato utilization and biological food

Be committed to promoting comprehensive utilization of sweet potato utilization by biological engineering technologies and becoming an innovator of environment-friendly industry chain in the biological fermentation industry.

Be committed to making constant innovations in relevant biology technologies and channels based on biological technology R&D dominated by yeast microbes and becoming a world-famous biological high-tech company.



Concept of Bio Sunkeen: quality, innovation, affinity

  Quality: initiatively fulfill social responsibilities, honor moral commitments, be an excellent modern enterprise, cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work, overcome difficulties and advance bravely, be a model social citizen, and offer customers sustained and stable products and services

Innovation: track most advanced technologies, equipments and management ideas in the world, and participate in innovation in the whole supply chain by all employees  

Affinity: treat employees and customers as family members.



Work style of Bio Sunkeen: speediness, collaboration, professionalism and delicacy

  Speediness: pursue high efficiency, require execution and rapid response, and timely finish all daily tasks and cleaning work;

Collaboration: build common  objective awareness, break selfish departmentalism and seek teamwork and mutual help;

Professionalism: respect science and law, work by following procedures, rules and systems and completely eradicate sluggishness and liberalism;

Delicacy: take initiative to pay attention to details, pursue perfect and behave in a detailed and accurate way.



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