Active feed dry yeast
Sunkeen active feed dry yeast is refined from well-selected brewer’s yeast strain that tolerate low PH value in the animal intestinal canal as well as green syrup by liquid submerged aerobic fermentation, separation, drying and other processes. The carrier-free yeast features high-quality vacuum package and more than 20 billion viable counts/g during shelf life.
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Yeast hydrolysate
Sunkeen autolysis yeast powder is made from fresh yeast by autolysis enzymolysis, concentration and drying and is rich in high-quality protein and small peptide, glutathione, nucleotide, yeast cell wall polysaccharide, Vitamin B and microelements. The formula that is specially developed and designed for quick poults can effectively promote body growth, improve feather color and improve immunity of the organism and vitality.
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