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Sunkeen·Yeast Polypeptide Substitute Plasma Protein Appears In Nanjing VlV Causing Sensation
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2018 China International intensive Animal Husbandry Exhibition (VIV China 2018) opened in Nanjing on September 17 th. Shangdong Bio Sunkeen as a high-quality supplier of yeast source biological feed, carrying yeast hydrolysate, Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall, active dry yeast, yeast selenium, yeast culture, etc., to address the problem of banning plasma protein. Bio Sunkeen grand introduction of the best alternative to plasma protein-yeast polypeptide.

Yeast polypeptide is an upgraded yeast hydrolysate rich in functional peptides and flavor peptides, which is based on the screening of high quality and high protein saccharomyces cerevisiae as a strain, using modern biological fermentation technology, and then concentrated and dried by directed enzymatic hydrolysis.

This exhibition attracted a large number of domestic and foreign livestock herders to the booth to consult and negotiate business.

Since the announcement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Countryside on September 13, No. 64, that the use of blood products based on pig blood should be suspended in pig feed, the yeast polypeptide has become a new generation of yeast products pioneered by Sunkeen. Because it not only has the function of substituting yeast hydrolysate for plasma, but also combines the remarkable value of polypeptide in animal nutrition, it has the advantages of good food inductive effect, fast digestion and absorption, low energy consumption, high absorption rate and so on. It is the best alternative to plasma protein.

Sunkeen will seize the opportunity, keep pace with the times, timely provide customers with the best solution to the problem, with the world's pastoralists to meet the challenge, for the world feed safety contribution to our strength!

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